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Family Matters

Relationships within a family and a marriage can be complicated and challenging.  When those relationships get strained, finding the right legal representative can make all the difference.  Here at Genesis, our priority is to help you minimise conflict, salvage the relationship as much as is possible, protect your rights (and that of your loved ones), and help you move on with your reconstructed life with dignity.


Our family lawyers are experienced in managing a wide range of cases including complex and high net value cases. We advise on all stages of the process – from fact finding, strategizing and advisory, to negotiations, mediations, court hearings, appeals, variations of court orders.  We offer advice and solutions in all areas of Family and Matrimonial law, including:

  • Deeds of Separation

  • Dissolution of marriages through nullity, judicial separation or divorce

  • Divorce applications on the simplified track

  • Children’s custodial, care and access arrangements

  • Division of matrimonial assets

  • Financial Support - Maintenance of children, spouses and ex-spouses, parents

  • Protection against spousal, child abuse or other family abuse

  • Pre-nuptial and Post-nuptial Agreements

  • Mental Capacity applications

  • Contentious Probate and Administration matters

  • Protection from Harassment

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