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Real Estate & Conveyancing

Our Real Estate & Conveyancing department handles various aspects of property transactions including purchase and/or sale of residential, commercial and industrial properties.


We assist in all stages of your transaction, from careful negotiation of contract terms to ensure you are protected and your needs properly reflected, to preparation of sale and purchase agreements, security documentation, to completion and all the necessary lodgements.


Through our experience and track record in this field, we are on the panel of several banks and financial institutions as well as on the CPF Board. 


Reach out to us if you need help in:

  • Sale and/or purchase of property, from the negotiation of contracts to the completion of transactions

  • Leases, tenancy agreements and other landlord and tenant matters

  • Real estate-related corporate matters

  • Title and other investigations relating to the legal status of real estate in Singapore

  • Trust and estate issues relating to real estate

  • Various forms of financing the acquisition of real estate, including bank mortgages, property-based debt structuring, use of central provident fund monies and other modes of financing

  • Security over real estate


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