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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is a powerful business asset and must be managed strategically. Businesses and organisations of all sizes should take steps to protect, manage, commercialise and enforce their valuable intellectual assets and property.


Speak to us about your IP needs or concerns, or if you need assistance with any of the following: 

  • Prosecution, management and advise on copyright, design, patent and trademark portfolios

  • Handle copyright, confidential information, design, passing off, trademark, trade secrets and unfair competition litigation and alternative dispute processes

  • Manage offline brand enforcement programs, including conducting investigations and seizures, and work alongside customs and local police

  • Protect brands online by monitoring domain names, e-commerce marketplaces and social media platforms, identifying and removing counterfeits and infringements

  • Advise on storing, processing and managing personal and proprietary data obligations to comply with data protection and privacy laws and regulations

  • Advise on IP acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, licensing and franchising matters to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors

  • Providing commercial and strategic advice on regulated industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage and financial institutions

  • Providing comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to help clients allocate resources efficiently and strategically

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