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Private Client

With you through all your seasons of life

At Genesis, we value long term relationships and are dedicated to supporting you and your families through all your seasons of life, in good times and in bad.


Our clients, who hail from all walks of life, value our integrity, our commitment to utmost confidentiality and quality of work, and our ability to provide sound, wise and practical solutions that are sensitive to each client’s needs, concerns and constraints.


We are well versed to journey with you as you start your first business, buy your first home, grow and preserve your wealth, share your successes through philanthropic and charitable giving, asset protection and smooth transfer of wealth to your next generation through discreet and personalised succession and estate planning.  We are also friends you will want in your corner when facing the tough seasons of life, be it domestic or marital issues, legal disputes and claims, or helping to handle the affairs upon the passing of a loved one.


Reach out to us, if you need help with:

  • Adoption

  • Business incorporation and planning

  • Corporate Services

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

  • Charity incorporation and governance

  • Matrimonial disputes and Maintenance 

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Deed of family arrangement

  • Estate planning, Wills and Succession, General and Lasting Powers of Attorney

  • Probate and Estate Administration

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